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We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response people have when they taste our bars, and we’re excited to do more GOOD by reaching more people through our growing network of retail outlets.

Our Promise

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  • Quality — We know our bars are only as good as the ingredients that go in them, and we are very picky about who, and where, we buy from – just like you.
  • Consistency — We’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours getting the taste and texture of each bar just right, and have the processes in place to make sure that the next bar is as good as the last. This is one place where GOOD just isn’t enough.
  • A Growing Product Line — Creating a new bar is what makes our day. We love incorporating people’s tastes and favorite foods into healthy, kid-friendly, nutritious and delicious bars. GOOD Business is growing together. We have very loyal fans looking for more and more places to buy our bars.
  • A Partner You Can Count On — Coming from the Food Service industry, we know how much is on the line when you select a vendor, we value and respect each relationship. Without you, there is no us, and we will do our very best to make you happy.

Let’s Talk.

Do Good—Get it Going wants to help make your customers happy.

Call us at (603) 490-1457, or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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