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Our Company 

We pack our bars with nothing but the best ingredients available, all of them are
guaranteed Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free and Soy-free.

And you’re here for the story behind this delicious treat! Well, we think that behind every great product is an even greater company with an absolutely amazing story. Here’s ours. . .

Before starting her company in 2013, Heidi spent hundreds of hours working on the recipes for the first four products. It was personal back then, and she wanted to get the taste and texture perfect for her kids, herself, and her friends.

She finally decided to sell the do GOOD bars commercially in February of 2014. She poured her 10+ years of Food Service experience and her passion for natural, healthy, whole foods into every bar she made.

As a mother of five, she is familiar with the need to mix great taste, nutrition and convenience…and people loved them!

In 2017, Heidi outgrew her kitchen and was ready to let this growing business go.

…Meanwhile, in North Hampton NH, Jill had been working on her own passion since 2014. Get it Going started out as her vision of creating a company based on all good things. She realized that the more she took action in her own life to improve herself and the world around her, not only did it make a difference, but it felt amazing. Her continuous efforts in self-development through kind acts, gratitude, mindfulness, and focusing energy on loving deeds literally changed her as a person from the inside, out. As a matter of fact, because she wanted to share this feeling with everyone, her “vision” soon turned into a “mission” in which she created a movement to inspire people to “Get it Going” in their own lives.

She did a daily video blog for an entire year to show commitment, leadership, and most importantly to encourage others to do their best from day to day. She didn’t stop there. After 365 days, she decided to do one GOOD deed each Friday for a year. She called it “Feel Good Friday”.

Throughout her video campaigning, she sold t-shirts, sweatshirts, and patches to promote her movement. She even got into monthly box subscriptions providing customers with all the materials they would need to carry out an activity to promote kindness, gratitude, and love.

On a Friday morning in April 2017, Jill received a phone call regarding the “do GOOD bar”. The rest as they say, is history. The fit was natural. The mission was the same. An amazing product to carry out a beautiful mission. Please stay tuned and continue to follow our story!

Thank you for your support and business.

do GOOD—Get it Going!